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An island nation often called the Eighth Continent; with multiple micro-climates; and many ethnic groups each with their own dialect, style, music, architecture and way of life; any visit to Madagascar is fascinating and eye-opening.

From the stunning beaches and scuba diving of the south west, through the rugged central highlands, to dense rainforests in the east, a visit to Madagascar has something for everyone. Discover the red island with Dadamanga, the Madagascar travel agency with over 25 years experience.

Explore the main regions:

Toliara (or Tulear) is the south-west’s capital, a town of approximately 70,000 inhabitants created in 1895 by a French architect, who gave great importance to planting trees in the city, which offer welcome shade from the blazing sun. Hot and sunny, Tulear is the gateway to the great southern reef, and the beach towns of Anakao (south) and Ifaty Mangily (north). It is surrounded by some spectacular table-mountain formations covered in the unique southern spiny forest and has significant mangroves and coral reef.
Toamasina (commonly known as Tamatave) is Madagascar’s second city, the site of the most important national seaport, is a busy coastal city with many economic activities. Being tropical, it is a hub for spices and tropical fruits, the famous lychees being exported to Europe every year. It is the jump-off point for south-bound trips down the Pangalanes Canal, or north-bound to the port that leads you to Sainte Marie Island, and for the most intrepid travellers, it is the departure point heading north on the treacherous National Highway 5 (RN5).
The central plateau forms the core of the island, where the capital Antananarivo (usually known as Tana) and other important cities are located. The landscape is dominated by terraced rice fields that attest to the Asian origin of the Merina & Betsileo people who share this region. Along National Highway 7 (RN7), from Antananarivo to Fianarantsoa, there are also some of the most visited tourist towns of the island.
The laidback atmosphere of this western coastal town is famous mainly as the starting-point for some of the most iconic attractions of Madagascar. Morondava has beaches, but they are not particularly known for bathing. From Morondava it is a short drive to the iconic and world-famous Avenue of Baobabs, a two-hour drive to Kirindy Reserve to see the lemur-eating cat-like Fosa, and a nine-hour drive to the World Heritage listed Tsingy of Bemaraha. South of Morondava is the rough but rewarding drive down the coast to Belo sur Mer and on towards Tulear via seaside villages.
Situated deep in the southeast, Fort Dauphin otherwise known as Tolagnaro, is built mainly on a promontory surrounded by white-sand beaches, under high forest-clad mountains and has an undeniable charm. Once the centre of a prosperous tourist industry, the town these days is more forgotten and very peaceful. The city is dominated by the Anosyenne mountain chain and Pic St. Louis, the view from which offers a unique and unspoiled panorama across the area. Surrounded to the north, east, and south by the bright azure colors of the Indian Ocean, the town offers the visitor a variety of pastimes like strolling through the markets, lazing on the fine sandy beaches, enjoying the local cuisine or exploring the sensational forests and reserves within easy reach.
Antsiranana, known as Diego Suarez until 1975 and still called Diego by many, is the capital of Madagascar’s north. It has one of the world’s most beautiful deep-water harbors, complete with the photogenic Sugarloaf Mountain, and it is probably the most French (and increasingly Italian) city in Madagascar. Diego has a huge market, a range of pretty-good restaurants, and some fantastic attractions and national parks to visit nearby. It is the kite-surf capital of Madagascar.

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