Fort Dauphin & South East

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Situated deep in the southeast, Fort Dauphin otherwise known as Tolagnaro, is built mainly on a promontory surrounded by white-sand beaches, under high forest-clad mountains and has an undeniable charm. Once the centre of a prosperous tourist industry, the town these days is more forgotten and very peaceful. The city is dominated by the Anosyenne mountain chain and Pic St. Louis, the view from which offers a unique and unspoiled panorama across the area. Surrounded to the north, east, and south by the bright azure colors of the Indian Ocean, the town offers the visitor a variety of pastimes like strolling through the markets, lazing on the fine sandy beaches, enjoying the local cuisine or exploring the sensational forests and reserves within easy reach.
The region of Anôsy and the city of Tolagnaro have all the tourist attractions for a dream vacation. Bringing together beaches, nature and history in one place, Fort-Dauphin is one of the most beautiful and interesting peninsulas in Madagascar. With its assortment of exotic desert, mountainous and verdant rainforest landscapes, the region is simply splendid. It is an invitation to explore and escape. Located more than 1,000 km from Antananarivo, traveling by road to visit the Anôsy region is a promise of adventure. The condition of the roads is a bit chaotic, and ferry crossings are sometimes necessary to get there safely. For the less intrepid among us, going by plane is highly recommended. Once there, nature lovers can only be satisfied. The region is full of natural sites to discover.
A historical exploration of the region is also very interesting, thanks to its colonial past linked to the French, the Portuguese and the Dutch.
For lovers of culinary tourism, the region is rich in seafood, and is particularly famous for the fantastic lobsters and crabs. For those looking for new flavours, it is also possible to taste dried seaweed, which the locals are very fond of. A visit to the local markets is also recommended to discover fresh produce and other local specialties. As far as accommodation is concerned, there are many resorts and other types of tourist accommodation available. For entertainment, seaside activities are very popular, apart from exploring the many nature reserves and other tourist sites in Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings.

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