Toliara & South West

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Toliara (or Tulear) is the south-west’s capital, a town of approximately 70,000 inhabitants created in 1895 by a French architect, who gave great importance to planting trees in the city, which offer welcome shade from the blazing sun. Hot and sunny, Tulear is the gateway to the great southern reef, and the beach towns of Anakao (south) and Ifaty Mangily (north). It is surrounded by some spectacular table-mountain formations covered in the unique southern spiny forest and has significant mangroves and coral reef.
The circuit of the national road N° 7 from Antananarivo is undoubtedly the most famous road-trip in the country.
Before arriving at the final destination – which is the city of Tulear – discovering the treasures along the way is what the trip is all about. Among these treasures, Isalo National Park is perhaps the most important. Once you arrive in Toliara, you will discover the underrated charm of this city that, so it is said, “never sleeps”. Luxury travel, cultural, seaside or ecological tourism, there is no shortage of choice in Tulear and its surroundings.
Located in the southwest of Madagascar, going to Tulear from Antananarivo will take around two days by car, if you don’t make many stopovers.
For those who prefer relaxation and adventure, the city is accessible by plane. But a road trip with frequent stops at the many sites that fringe the RN7 is strongly recommended. After crossing the wonders of the highlands (the agricultural belt), a trip to the city of Tulear allows you to discover a wide variety of different cultures, crafts of all kinds, and a succession of evolving biodiversity. To be able to discover everything on this tour, the trip can last a whole week, or even more. Once you arrive in the Tulear region, discovering the local biodiversity is almost an obligation. With a climate varying sometimes from one extreme to another, the local ecosystems had to adapt, presenting a unique and breathtaking flora and fauna.

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