Morondava & West

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The laidback atmosphere of this western coastal town is famous mainly as the starting-point for some of the most iconic attractions of Madagascar. Morondava has beaches, but they are not particularly known for bathing. From Morondava it is a short drive to the iconic and world-famous Avenue of Baobabs, a two-hour drive to Kirindy Reserve to see the lemur-eating cat-like Fosa, and a nine-hour drive to the World Heritage listed Tsingy of Bemaraha. South of Morondava is the rough but rewarding drive down the coast to Belo sur Mer and on towards Tulear via seaside villages.
Dominated by savannas and arid dunes, the west coast of Madagascar still has a good number of oases of greenery and biodiversity for tourist visits. Between the cities of Majunga and Morondava, as well as all the reserves and other natural sites of the surroundings, there is no lack of activities in the region. Despite a fairly arid climate, local ecosystems are just as rich as those of other regions. The same goes for seaside tourism and cultural tourism. A road trip to the west coast of the Big Island is a very appealing idea for those who thirst for adventure. Besides road trips, visiting the many bays and islets along the coast via the Mozambique Channel is also a very tempting option.
For a less rustic vacation, a stay in Mahajanga is a promise of relaxation and immersion in the local atmosphere.
The city is equipped with all modern comforts, but also with enough exoticism for a pleasant and exotic stay.
Wandering the seaside promenade and eating grilled seafood is the most typical pass-time in Mahajanga.
ln Morondava, the natural sites around this city are among the most famous tourist showcases in the country.
Whether it’s the Alley of Baobabs or the mangroves of Belo-sur-Mer, do not forget your camera during your visit to the region.
The west coast is also very rich geographically, and you can observe the famous Tsingy de Bemaraha there. Endowed with extraordinary flora and fauna, you will surely discover endemic species of the region, especially reptiles and birds. The region is also the best place in the country to admire the Fosa.

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