Diego & North Madagascar

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Antsiranana, known as Diego Suarez until 1975 and still called Diego by many, is the capital of Madagascar’s north. It has one of the world’s most beautiful deep-water harbors, complete with the photogenic Sugarloaf Mountain, and it is probably the most French (and increasingly Italian) city in Madagascar. Diego has a huge market, a range of pretty-good restaurants, and some fantastic attractions and national parks to visit nearby. It is the kite-surf capital of Madagascar.
In the far north of Madagascar, the Antsiranana region is a tourism portal, notably thanks to the proximity of the island of Nosy Be. With luxury hotels and other types of prestigious accommodation, Nosy Be is the hotspot for seaside tourism in the country. Apart from Nosy Be, many other interesting tourist attractions can be found in the area. Other paradise islands, nature reserves, and a wide variety of entertainment can also enhance a visit to the region. The cities of Diego and Nosy Be are both accessible by plane, but some people prefer to choose the roads in order to discover the landscapes and the lives of the local people of the region. Note, however, that the trip is particularly long as Antsiranana is located nearly 1,000 km from Antananarivo. The northern region of Madagascar is particularly rich in terms of biodiversity, and the majority of the ecosystems of the region’s nature reserves are endemic.
Besides the wild nature, Antsiranana is also located near many geological karst formations called the “Tsingy”.
A visit to Nosy Be is almost an obligation if you travel in the region.
Exploration of the small islands that surround the big island is highly recommended to appreciate all the beauty of this green fringed archipelago in the pristine blue of the Mozambique Channel. The beaches are not the only attractions of these islands, and many other wildlife wonders await you there. This is also arguably one of the best spots for a bit of honeymoon luxury.
A trip to the far north can also be intended for relaxation and the good life in the luxurious seaside resorts of the region. With the possibility of staying in prestigious establishments away from civilization, you can enjoy a stay in a heavenly setting in complete peace.

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