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Unveiling Paradise: The Top Resorts in Madagascar

Want to stay somewhere special in Madagascar? Check out our list of the top resorts in Madagascar. Luxury hotels, beachfront lodges, and captivating views.

Things to visit in Madagascar: The Avenue of the Baobabs

Nestled in the heart of western Madagascar lies a mystical landscape straight out of a storybook—the Avenue of the Baobabs. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the allure and wonder of this natural treasure.

Things to do in Madagascar: A Luxurious Road Trip Along the RN7

Join us on a mesmerising journey through the heart of Madagascar, as we take a road-trip along the RN7. One of the top things to do in Madagascar, it is a classic for a reason - a scenic route that unveils the island's rich biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and unique cultural treasures.

The Madagascar Travel Podcast

Join our founder, Brett Massoud, for a podcast about traveling around Madagascar. We give you irregular updates on the where, the what, the how, and the how sore your butt will be after that long drive on those roads…