Tana & the Central Highlands

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The central plateau forms the core of the island, where the capital Antananarivo (usually known as Tana) and other important cities are located. The landscape is dominated by terraced rice fields that attest to the Asian origin of the Merina & Betsileo people who share this region. Along National Highway 7 (RN7), from Antananarivo to Fianarantsoa, there are also some of the most visited tourist towns of the island.
Right in the centre of Madagascar, the country’s highlands rise majestically amid the rice fields and fertile agricultural land of the country. Particularly rich in culture and heritage, this vast region offers its visitors countless riches to discover. With its picturesque countryside and large cities, the central regions of the country are rich in contrast. From the city of Antananarivo to Mantasoa or Fianarantsoa, there are many tourist attractions and options in the region. For lovers of urban tourism, the central regions have the large city of Antananarivo. “Tana” offers its visitors surprisingly modern amenities, accompanied by exotic discoveries on many aspects of everyday life. Whether it is the food, the lifestyle, the markets or the history of the big city, a modern change of scenery is assured. A little further from the capital, the villages and countryside of the national road N° 1 are ideal for discovering the rural and agricultural aspects of the region.
With picturesque landscapes and routes suitable for hiking or cycle touring, a visit to these towns is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into local farming, peasantry, brickyards & rice-fields.
By setting course for the national road N° 7, we discover another facet of the highlands.
From the Vakinakaratra region to the city of Fianarantsoa, discover majestic volcanic massifs, thermal spas, but also many resorts synonymous with relaxation and escape.
The region also has its share of prestigious destinations.
Whether in the capital or in the villages of Mantasoa and Ampefy, you will have the opportunity to stay in luxury residences or hotels.
These are close to various establishments offering entertainment such as water sports, culinary discovery or even a lively nightlife.

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