Private Charter Tours of Madagascar

The most luxurious locations, by private aircraft. See all the iconic scenery and highlights of Madagascar without the hassle

Private charter tours, luxury properties, iconic sites...

Discover Madagascar in utmost luxury and style by joining one of our private charter tours, tailored for intimate groups of 8. Experience the island’s unique wonders in unparalleled comfort, visit the iconic sites, with a sense of exclusivity that transforms your journey into an extraordinary adventure.

Luxury Group Tours of Madagascar

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Six extraordinary iconic sites and eco-regions – Tsingy of Bemaraha NP, Avenue of Baobabs, Isalo NP, Ranomafana NP, Andasibe NP, Masoala NP…

Collect Moments, Share Adventures: Group Tours Redefined

Our most valuable asset is our reputation…

And that does not change with the launch of our group tours.  This product was born from demand, and we have responded.  Less expensive tours, travelling in intimate groups, with the same standards as our private tours.