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DadamangaTravel Service

MADAGASCAR inspires a sense of imminent adventure. It creeps under your skin with a magical fascination of untouched wildlife and the nervous excitement of the unknown. Experience the heart and soul of this magnificent land with Dadamanga.

Dadamanga was founded in 2010, but with over 25 years experience in Madagascar, specializing in some of the most inspiring and fascination destinations across this island continent. Our knowledge, expertise and personal experiences are reflected in the tailor made itineraries that we create for you. We personally take pride in designing a LIVE THE ADVENTURE journey to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Brett Massoud the founder of Dadamanga first set foot on Madagascar in 1987, and during numerous overland adventures, months were spent exploring the land and some of the best wildlife parks on offer. Finally settling in Fort Dauphin, he is lucky to have national parks, endless beaches, amazing wildlife and fascinating culture within easy reach. Working with the most professional team and service-providers nationally, and speaking the local language, his time in this magical land has given him a wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to create a Madagascar safari. Dadamanga is our way of sharing this wealth of experience with you.

Conservation is high on our agenda, the projects that we support are based on our knowledge of the land and our love of wildlife and sustainability. Our mission is to offer you a LIVE THE ADVENTURE journey, and by stepping onto this fascinating island continent for the first time you will feel all of your five senses come alive. The smell, sights, sounds of the Malagasy way of life, and her nature, will fill your soul with a harmonious and overwhelming sense of excitement.
Being specialists in individual and tailor made safaris, we find it exciting that we are able to provide our clients with an authentic awe-inspiring tour. Inspiring value and trust, a bucket-list adventure that you will never forget, a must to be experienced.

Connect with us and explore our social media. Here you can engage with us, see our history with your own eyes, and after your trip, contribute your own experiences to our story.


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Our team have a strong sense of solidarity, like a big loving family. We are spread across the country, connected by fibre-optic internet and our heart-strings. Our head office is in Tolagnaro, the planning & design office is in Antsirabe, we have a team of around thirty drivers and guides in Antananarivo, and key team-members on every corner of the island. The team is really what makes us unique, our strength is our mutual respect, our strong communication, and the genuine desire of the team to share their love of their homeland in a respectful way. All of our drivers are also licensed tour guides and our guides are the creme-de-la-creme of Madagascar tourism. You only need to read our reviews to witness this fact.


Social and Environmental Management Methods

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Every year, most companies measure their performance by the profit they made. At Dadamanga, of course, we aim to make a profit, we are after all a professional tour operator company. But each year, we strive not only to generate profit, we also strive to measure how we have contributed to the environment and to the people. These are the “three P’s” of Triple Bottom Line Management; Profit, Planet, People.

We make contributions to multiple projects across Madagascar every year, including support for a school for girls (giving girls opportunities to stay in school as far as university, and helping adolescent girls to avoid starting families when they themselves are still children) and the ongoing management and protection of our extraordinary private nature reserve at Sainte Luce. At Sainte Luce Reserve, we protect the last natural coastal ebony forest in the south of Madagascar where the forest meets the sea, where lemurs leap through the trees, where turtles nest on the beach, and where crocodiles smile in our estuary. We have been protecting Sainte Luce Reserve and her thousands of species of wild flora and fauna since 2010.