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Madagascar now offers many luxury experiences comparable to anywhere in the world. Usually remote, and usually requiring an adventurous journey to reach your destination, Dadamanga can manage your visit to any of these world class destinations. Ask us.

From pristine tropical islands accessed only by helicopter, to coastal resorts with huge private nature reserves, to the wild jungles of the Masoala Peninsular, Madagascar offers many experiences suitable for the most discerning voyager.

We offer a small selection of the best destinations in Madagascar here as suggestions, and we can incorporate these into any itinerary. It is sure that to see more of Madagascar, you will need to have an adventure, for example, hiking or visiting rainforests, with some days pampering yourself at a luxury hotel as a fitting end to your more strenuous activities.

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Madagascar's first 5 star eco luxury accommodation - NOSY ANKAO - Sink your feet into the pearly sands of a remote island sanctuary where you'll taste sweet jasmine on the breeze while gazing at a thousand sparkling shades of turquoise.



Azure blue water, powder soft beaches, private bungalows fenced by tropical plants, choose from one of the 25 beach villas. Laid back atmosphere, barefoot chic, an intimate retreat, eco-friendly, an unspoiled Island surrounded by azure water; the resort offers a chic Robinson Crusoe experience.


Anjavavy Le Lodge

On an isolated peninsular on the northwest coast of Madagascar, Anjajavy le Lodge awaits your discovery. Set along sandy beaches, azure waters and encircled by a fabulous forest reserve, Anjajavy reflects the rich diversity and untouched beauty of Madagascar and the natural warm hospitality of her people.


Madagascar Classic Collection

Two exclusive properties, a tented camp with seven fully-outfitted rooms in the heart of southern Madagascar’s spiny forest, and Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge, a barefoot luxury lodge with five rooms tucked into a secluded and serene bay on the southeastern shores of Madagascar.

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The camp's off the beaten path location, in the remote south of Madagascar, provides exclusive access to one of world’s most unique ecosystems. Experience this rare and important environment up close and immerse yourself in the biological and cultural diversity of Madagascar. The charming tents combine authentic bush flair with the comfort of high-end accommodation.

With sparkling blue seas, verdant rainforests, and abundant wildlife, this intimate lodge offers you your choice of serenity or adventure. The Lodge sits nestled into a forest-fringed cove on a tranquil stretch of white sand beaches rarely seen by anyone other than the local fishermen that have lived here for generations. Only five luxury thatched bungalows offering a private terrace just inches from the sea.


Masoala Forest Lodge

An Untouched Rainforest Peninsula - The spectacular rainforest covered peninsula on Madagascar’s northeast coast forms the backdrop for Masoala Forest Lodge – a luxurious outpost lost in time and nature… A place to relax explore and connect with the natural world in all its primordial splendor.


Some of the most exclusive destinations can only be reached by private aircraft, normally included as part of the package. For those of our clients who want to make their journey more private and exclusive, we can arrange private aircraft to many destinations in Madagascar. Imagine a private flight over the Tsingy de Bemaraha, descending to hike the Tsingy, then to Morondava to wander on the iconic Avenue of Baobabs, and finally south to witness the spectacles of the Isalo National Park. We can arrange exclusive private charters for from one to around twelve people, or more, in multiple aircraft, with ground services included to the standard you request at each stop. Please ask us.