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POSTED ON April 26th, 2021
General Hygiene Rules at the Office
Practicing hygiene has become crucial during this pandemic. This applies to all places including in the workplace. At Dadamanga, we want our workplace environment to be hygienic and safe for both employees and visitors.
Why is hygiene important for us? Dadamanga puts the health of its employees a top priority. Hygiene is important in our workplace because it contributes to a healthy workforce which makes our workforce happier and more productive
How do we maintain hygiene in our workplace? We implement a hygiene policy: We communicate with our employees and visitors with a written simple and concise hygiene policy, informing them our intentions and expectations of a clean workplace. We provide clean wipes, sanitiser and tissues We equip our staff with different items to maintain a hygienic workplace. From employees working in the office to drivers who welcome clients at the airport, we make sure that clean wipes and sanitisers are readily available. We do Regular cleaning and disinfection of the workplace We make sure that our workplaces stay clean. Besides our own disinfection items, the team of local representative of Ministry of Tourism pass by our office for disinfection of tourism businesses.