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POSTED ON April 26th, 2021
Malagasy Government announcement on joining COVAX
After a long period of hesitation, during the government council on April 7, the Head of State and the Malagasy government finally decided to use the vaccine and join the Covax program, launched by the World Health Organization (WHO). This decision was taken after consultation with members of the National Academy of Medicine.
Covid organics: a local remedy against covid-19 Madagascar is not abandoning the local anti-covid remedy, covid organics (CVO), however, some local researcher was even discovering another miracle cure that aims to cure covid.
What is covax.? COVAX is a global collaboration aimed at accelerating production and equal access to diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against COVID-19, including for the poorest countries. The goal of the UN-backed COVAX program is to make two billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine available to about a quarter of the population in the poorest countries by the end of 2021. This government decision to finally join the COVAX system has given hope to tourism operators on the Big Island.