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POSTED ON April 26th, 2021
Dadamanga Participated in the Second Edition of Local Tourism Market Fair
Since the closure of the Malagasy border in March 2020, the tourist sector is one of the sectors of activity hardest hit by the health crisis. Several operators have had to close the door of their business: tour operators, hotels, restaurants and car rental companies. In the absence of international tourists, the new strategy of the Ministry of Tourism of Madagascar (MTTM) and the agency responsible for promoting Madagascar turns to the promotion of national tourism. This fair is part of that strategy. Dadamanga proudly participated in the second edition of this event entitled "Tsenanben’ny Fizahantany"
This fair brought together 41 exhibitors (several operators of travel agencies, hotels and regional tourist offices) in a quest for the local travel market. The event welcomed more than 6,000 visitors in 3 days in Antananarivo, the capital of the Big Island.
In addition to following the national strategy for promoting domestic tourism, DADAMANGA participated in this event to bring together the team of guides and drivers based in Antananarivo and strengthen the team's cohesion despite this gloomy period.
Photo credit: ONTM, Dadamanga